GCUC is coming to London and it's going to be juicy!

Are you ready for London’s juiciest coworking event? Less than two weeks to go! On 25 & 26 September 2018 GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference), the world’s largest coworking conference series, will debut in Europe. GCUC brings together the brightest speakers and major players in the coworking industry to share ideas, network and collaborate. GCUC UK will be held at Kings Place in King’s Cross, with stunning views over Regent’s Canal.

It couldn’t have been a better time for GCUC’s first UK conference as London is currently the global capital for coworking spaces. “Coworking in the UK is red hot right now. The market is growing, investment capital is pouring in and coworking is now considered mainstream by most commercial real estate analysts,” says Cat Johnson.


What to expect at GCUC UK?

GCUC UK will follow the usual set up: conference day (25th September), unconference day (26th September) and a coworking tour day (27th September).

Day 1: Conference

GCUC Conference

GCUC’s conference day is a day of panels with industry experts who will discuss various topics that are shaping the future of coworking. This includes a UK market report from a panel of experts as well as an interview with Olly Olsen and Charlie Green from The Office Group who will share their success story and their views on the UK market and its future.

Another important debate will be on ‘Is the coworking bubble about to burst in the UK?’. The UK market has experienced rapid growth and is still strong but will it continue this way, especially with Brexit around the corner? Whilst flexible workspaces are thriving in the UK, many operators are struggling to survive due to new entrants and increased competition. Therefore, it is vital for differentiation in flexible workspaces. “I believe we’re going to see a lot more specialist and niche spaces, alongside more ‘multiple’ brands like IWG’s Spaces,” says Justin Harley, Producer of GCGC UK.

So what does it take to thrive in this competitive environment? Need some inspiration? Another panel features stories from successful operators who run thriving and niche workspaces.

Technological changes are affecting the future of work. The ‘It’s all about the humans but the robots are coming’ discussion will explore the innovations coming our way and how you can prepare for them. Embracing these technological changes will keep you competitive in the market and optimize your customers’ productivity and experience.

Other discussions on this day will include raising capital, the merging of hospitality and coworking spaces as well as enhancing well-being.


Day 2: Unconference

GCUC Unconference

This is when the real fun begins. After a couple of ‘Mastermind Sessions’ the afternoon is dedicated to the attendees, who will run the sessions. Attendees can discuss issues or share knowledge on something they are passionate about. You are invited to post a topic about anything and after pitching your topic to the group, the most popular topics will be turned into sessions. These are designed to encourage community collaboration, open conversation and a chance to learn some more tricks of the trade!


Day 3: Coworking Tours

The GCUC community isn’t ready to let you go yet and so, after the conference, they have organised three tours with each tour visiting 4 stunning and diverse spaces. These will finish just in time for lunch! Try to sign up for one!


We can assure you this will be an event you will not forget - GCUC is “not interested in wasting your time; we’re interested in blowing your mind”. Apart from the official agenda, there will be opportunities to meet people when you are not attending sessions and panels. Take this opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other.  

But wait, there's more! We saved the best information till last. You can meet our friendly Nexudus team who will also be at GCUC. You will find us at the conference making friends and networking, but also at our booth. Please come over to have a chat or to solve any queries you may have about workspace management. There will also be some exciting goodies!

Nexudus’ growing understanding of coworking needs and innovative technology can you help you excel and keep up with an industry that is evolving constantly. We are excited to see you there soon!

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