Want to speed up your events check-in process? Look no further than NexEvents.

Imagine being able to eliminate registration waiting lines, being able to optimise and speed up your events check-in process. With the seamless check-in APP by Nexudus, you no longer have to exhaust your imagination! 

We understand that check-in is an immediate and essential part of event planning. NexEvents allows you to use a tablet to check-in customers and visitors for events. And guess what? In the near future, your members and visitors will be able to purchase their tickets or register for any of the events, directly within the APP, which will be an additional way to let your members know about upcoming events, but also a brilliant way to inform and encourage visitors to come back again! 

How does NexEvents work?

Once you have installed NexEvents and you've launched it, you will be presented with a login screen. To proceed, you will need to create a full admin user account if you don’t have one already.

Events Check-in

From the events list, select the event for check-in. For iOS tablets, turn off the auto-lock feature in Settings -> Display & Brightness to ensure your tablet stays on when displayed.

NexEvents is available oniOS andAndroid. The APP is a part of your Nexudus subscription and is a no-cost to you. 

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