Don’t do it!! Top 5 things you should avoid doing in a coworking space.

There are currently 3.1 million coworkers in the world, and the number is forecasted to nearly double by 2022. Research by the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) reported that the majority of coworking occupiers are small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a meeting space, great connections and essential resources.  

Aside from it being the perfect alternative to working from home, or at your dull office space, coworking spaces offer amazing perks, such as environments that support professional networking, community engagement, events and so much more! With that being said, there are some unwritten rules in coworking spaces that you probably should know. Unsure about these rules? We have gathered a comprehensive list to give you a heads up. 


Hugging the conference room

Conference rooms are designed to keep confident and sensitive conversations behind closed doors; they are one of the best ways for teams to professionally and privately brainstorm and problem solve, they are used as training-grounds, think tanks and much more. It is vital that you are not that person that hugs the conference room, that person that books the conference room then cancels on the day of the reservation. The person that requests the conference room at the last minute or use the conference room for activities, other than for business. This is one of the quickest ways for people to become exasperatedly annoyed with you. 


Intentionally ignoring others

Apart from it being rude, ignoring your coworkers is just bad manners. If you are an individual that prefers to work in solitude, it would be best to work at home or choose a membership plan that allows you to work in a private office room. Coworking spaces provide mingling and networking opportunities, or at least a room to exchange greetings with others, and by doing so, you can work in a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 


Suffer in silence 

Struggling in silence prolongs and intensifies your struggle, in some cases, it creates isolation. One of the greatest assets of a coworking space is networking and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. You will be doing yourself an injustice by not taking advantage of this opportunity. Remember, we all have our moments of struggle; after all, a problem shared is a problem halved. A 2016 survey by Small Business Labs, revealed that coworking spaces make people feel less lonely, and 89 per cent of people in the study said that they felt happier since going to a coworking community.  



There is a thin line between socialising, being friendly and just being unbearably annoying. For example, let’s assume that your coworking space has a social media group or members directory, or you had the opportunity to accumulate business cards during a coworking event. Before adding someone’s contact to your mailing list, you would need permission, and you should explain the purpose of the mailing list and how frequent you will be sending out emails. Having access to other’s information is a privilege that should be handled responsibly. 


Being obnoxiously loud

We’ve all had our share of experiences with obnoxious individuals. They are easy to spot, they talk loudly on the phone or in conversations, they laugh the loudest, they are the attention seekers of every occasion. Don’t be that person! Again; this is the quickest way to annoy your coworkers! 

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