Can coworking spaces  give your tech start-up a head start? Here are 5 coworking spaces you should know

The world of coworking is moving fast, with more spaces catering to different niches and members. Tech start-ups are recognising this growing trend and are taking full advantage of the opportunity. For example, did you know that founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the widely successful Instagram from a coworking space? Their image-based social platform originated in Dogpatch Labs. Also, Spotify, an international media services provider, which right now consists of 159 million active users, began its journey in Rocket space.


Coworking spaces that identify and cater to this market understand the demands and tools their members will need to grow.  By providing added value, such as technology and specialised devices, 3D printers, workshops and partnership opportunities with top tech giants. In this article, we have listed some of the best coworking spaces to help you grow your tech start-up to the next level!


New Lab: Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and founded in 2016, New Lab served as the first machine shop for every major ship launched during World Wars I and II. Inspired by the building’s rich history of innovation, co-founders David Belt and Scott Cohen envisioned a way to restore the building’s relevance to champion entrepreneurship and innovation. 

New Lab supports member companies scaling frontier technologies by offering workspace, onsite prototyping labs and 3D printing services. Members also have access to over $45,000 in software from a range of providers including, AUTODESK, goTenna, Lenovo, TriNet, KICKSTARTER and many more.


RocketSpace: Rocketspace is far from your average coworking space. Their primary focus is to deliver an entire eco-system to accelerate the growth of the technology companies that they house.

Rocket Space was established by founder and tech executive Duncan Logan, who was disappointed with the bleak options for his new start-up in San Francisco. As a result, he developed an understanding of what tech start-ups need to grow and succeed, which in his view is to support them with the best resources. Rocket Space provides its members with a high-quality, curated technology community, offering ultimate flexibility for a rocketing growth.


HackerLab:  A space described as a ‘breeding ground for tech start-ups by the intel corporation’. This incubator for tech start-ups was founded a year ago and has been defined by its founders Ullrich, Charles Blas and Gina Lujan, as ‘a grassroots movement of people united to solve problems and advance technology’. HackerLab amenities include: workspace, meeting rooms, community events and they offer courses on 3D printing, CNC machine operation, woodworking, laser cutting, metalworking, Arduino and much more. 


TechHub: Described as a global community for tech ecopreneurs, TechHub is a space that only opens its doors to tech start-ups and industries. With locations in Riga, Bucharest, London, Bangalore and Madrid, it was founded in 2010 and now homes over 750 companies. 

All of TechHubs locations run a programme of over 200 free events per year, uniquely designed to support its members in getting through challenges, which include, practical workshops, Q&A sessions, talks from experts both in and outside the TechHub community, introduction to investors and suppliers, and demo days for product feedbacks. 


Talent Garden: The place for explorers and innovators, according to its founder Davide Dattoli, Talent Garden caters to the needs of tech start-ups and other professionals. Their members have access to workstations, meeting rooms, offices, laboratories, event spaces, training opportunities through the Talent Garden’s innovation school and networking opportunity with community members like Google and Cisco. 

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