Get to know your coworking space management  APPs by Nexudus

Over the years, we have become a point of reference in the coworking and flexible workspace industry. Along with the most flexible and comprehensive coworking management software, we have developed 5 APPs to support and simplify the management of the day-to-day, customer relationships, financial and marketing tasks associated with your coworking or flexible workspace, from handling customer check-ins and visitor tours to invoicing members and managing your website content. But what are these apps? What do they do? Here is an overview:

Passport by Nexudus: Keeping up with your community, enabling communication between your members, viewing current plans, and booking meeting rooms can be challenging and time-consuming! With the recently revamped features and functions of Passport by Nexudus, comes a sleek and smooth, user-friendly interface, making the management of the day-to-day task accessible and more flexible. Passport by Nexudus is linked to your Nexudus account and includes the following features: Community messages, Directory, Bookings, Plans and Products. To learn more about these features, click here.

NexBoard: This App works by connecting meeting rooms in your Nexudus account with your iPad or Android tablets. NexBoardd enables a quick and efficient booking experience, with access to live information on room availability and resources, by showcasing upcoming meetings and room availability; allowing your customers to coordinate meeting rooms reservations. Also, when you install the tablet beside a room or a resource, your customers can quickly place a direct booking. Plus, your customers have the option to book a room directly, by hovering their mobile phone in front of the tablet (via the Passport by Nexudus APP). NexBoard is available for iOS and Android download. 

NexDelivery: The APP that helps you sort out your deliveries efficiently! to collect, sort out mails and shipments, upload to your Nexudus account and notify members in just a few clicks. 

Featuring Barcode printing, Access to the Delivery list and Signature for Delivery or Collection, your Customers can now keep a record on their system when receiving deliveries! NexDelivery is available for download on iOS. Click here to learn more.

NexIO: With the NexIO APP at the entrance of your coworking space, members can check themselves in faster and hosts are notified when their visitors arrive at the space entrance. The APP also records and keeps an archive of visitors' details, especially for frequent guests. 

Members can Check-in and Check-out using the five-digit pin code provided to them. Visitors also have the option to either check-in using a five-digit pin code that they were sent by email if they pre-registered. NexlO is available for download on iOS and Android, and for more information on the APP, click here.

NexEvents: With NexEvents you can use a tablet to check-in customers and visitors for events. Members and visitors can Purchase Tickets or Register for any of the events, directly within the APP, which is an additional way to let members know about Upcoming Events, but also a great way to inform visitors as a way to encourage them to come back again! NexEvent is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information on the APP, click here.


The growing understanding of coworking needs, combined with our innovative approach means that we can keep this coworking SaaS up-to-date with new features and improve the user experience If you would like to read more of our helpful tips, subscribe to our free newsletter below. Thank you for reading

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