Is isolation driving your customers away? Make a long lasting impression by following these steps.

According to a 2018 survey from The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation, ‘more than two in ten adults in the United States (22%) and the United Kingdom (23%) say that they always or often feel lonely, lack companionship, or feel left out or isolated at work.’ 

With such alarming statistics about loneliness, now accompanied by equally alarming figures which revealed that ‘loneliness could be costing employers up to £22.5billion on a year due to absence and productivity losses (Co-op and New Economics Foundation).’

In the words of Alex Hillman ‘coworking is not a workspace industry, it’s a happiness industry’.  

Subsequently, most coworking spaces offer open spaces, with brilliant infrastructure for technology and business and healthy exposure to collective diverse members, from companies and freelancers to entrepreneurs. So, tapping into this added value would be a great way to encourage social interactions and a healthier and more holistic work environment.woman_sitting_by_window_nexudus_coworking 

Let’s take a look at ways you could promote social interactions and overall mental wellbeing in your coworking and flexible workspace.

Create a warm, holistic and friendly ambience

Collisions or interactions tend to happen when people are relaxed, for example enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Most coworking spaces have on their layout common areas where people can chill out and break their routine. A great start would be infusing character into the breakout areas with plants. Plants are known to have an amazing impact on reducing stress, anxiety and boosting creativity. Their presence has been known to aid with an increase in productivity, while simultaneously, increasing levels of positivity, adding a sense of a holistic and relaxing eco-friendly environment, they also serve an aesthetic and practical purpose. 

Also, where you place these areas is important to make sure they serve their purpose. Bear in mind that they can have an impact on how people move in your space. For example, if you want people to walk through the whole space so that they get to see everyone, it’s a good idea to place the kitchen at the very end of it. 


Believe it or not, workspace humidifiers are also a thing and they are worth the investment! An investigation conducted by Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) found a connection between employee illness and humidity levels. They found that ‘when the humidity drops below 40% in an office more employees become sick and miss work’. Additionallyrecent research carried out by Condair revealed that ‘humidifying your workspace has the potential to increase your member’s efficiency and performance through reduced absenteeism and greater employee comfort’. While instantaneously providing a pleasant aroma to your space. 

Likewise, adding a dash of gorgeous and peaceful artwork in your coworking space would do the magic of inspiring creative potential and innovative ideas. But also artwork has been reported to help reduce stress levels, with its ability to aid relaxation. If you are looking for inspiration, Neuehouse workspace might be a great starting point, you can find remarkable and soothing artwork displayed throughout their space. 


Personalise programs and create niche events for your members. 

It is incredibly important that you get to know your members, get to know their niche, in order to personalise bonding events around their preferences, (a good idea would be to use Nexudus Surveys to find out). For example, if your members are more of the creative type, you could look into coordinating events such as spoken words evenings, which promotes self-expression and it is a great form of entertainment, or you could provide memory walls dedication to an open space room, allowing your members to share memories, which could spark interactions and strengthen relationships. 


Afternoon yoga classes provide positive mental health benefits, improving mood, mindfulness and behaviour whilst developing workplace wellness. Also, purposeful networking is another brilliant way to get your members to engage with each other and to find someone of interest to them, either professionally or personally.

Additionally, you could put together smaller and more frequent events such as happy hour, which works best if you schedule an hour or two on regular days and it would be ideal to ensure that the hours start either at 5 pm or 6 pm, so all members are more likely to attend. Purposeful breaks is another unique event that you could organise more frequently, it works by creating a fun zone, you could provide board games and other forms of interactive games. 

Promote healthy eating

Ensuring a healthy café menu, or having fruit bowls in waiting areas, rooms and kitchens, would add that extra touch of care and health care to your workspace. A sound mind in a sound body; the positive effects of healthy eating and known by all, and the effects will impact not only your customer’s well being at work but their happiness and physical health too.
“Co-sharing office spaces not only relieve employees loneliness but also help them to thrive“

Furthermore, it shows that you care about them further than creating an efficient work environment and would go the extra mile. A workplace that encourages good health is more likely to survive for years to come just like any good business when you invest in the people, you prolong the life expectancy of your business.

The growing understanding of coworking needs, combined with our innovative approach means that we can keep this coworking SaaS up-to-date with new features and improve the user experience. If you would like to read more of our helpful tips, subscribe to our free newsletter below.

Thank you for reading.

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