Bravo, bravo, Brivo! Tighten up your workspace security with our new Nexudus integration.

Coworking spaces produce close-knit communities from various walks of life, some will be regular members of the space, others could be guests or visitors. With such diversity and large groups of people going in and out of spaces each day, security and flexible access control management are on top in the list of priorities for operators. 

We are pleased to announce the integration between Nexudus and Brivo access security system! With this integration, monitoring and managing who goes in and out of your space just got simpler, flexible and much more secure. You now have the option of restricting unauthorised access to rooms that have not been booked or permitted to that particular member. Which enables tighter control of your space, while ensuring that all room usage can be tracked and paid for.

You can also say goodbye to duplicated keys and changing of locks, because duplicating a key card or a fob is absolutely impossible with a smart access control system and even if a case of stolen or misplaced card or fob occurs all that would be required is a change of code, rather than the costly option of having to change every single lock.

Additionally, If you are a multiple space owner and you have concerns regarding giving out several keys, here’s the good news, the integration offers access to multiple locations, meaning your members would only need one access key card or fob to move between your spaces.  

Furthermore, the integration is prompted to store the names and emails of members with an access card or a fob and record every entry. Additionally, once a member’s contract has ended, we save you the hard work of manually removing the member’s information and their access to your space, this task is automatically carried out for you.

What exactly is Brivo?

Brivo is a cloud-based access control system that lets members access different areas in your building using either an access card or a fob. But wait, there’s more, your users will soon be provided with an option to access your space with their mobile phones. 

So, how can the integration between Brivo and Nexudus help your space?

Below are some of the processes that you can automate when you integrate Brivo with your Nexudus Spaces account: 

Flexible opening times: You are bound to have different plans that allow members to access the space at different times of the day. By integrating both systems you can synchronise the access conditions that each of the plans has in Nexudus with the Brivo user accounts.

Reports: When you integrate door access control in your space, you'll have a much better idea of who is coming and going and when.

Resources: You can link your Brivo account with the Resources like your meeting rooms or conference rooms that you have configured on your Nexudus account. This means that you can generate access keys for the Resources from Brivo when a booking is made via Nexudus Spaces. 

Integrating Nexudus spaces with Brivo

First, you'll need to open an account on both platforms. If you already have a Nexudus account and you are interested in integrating Brivo in your space, you can contact Brivo. The Brivo team will tell you about the steps that you need to take to install the system and enable your account.

Access to your space is managed by Passes, Bookings for your Resources and Contracts for your desks and offices on Nexudus. These are the elements that you will need to link on your Brivo account, to grant the access rights that you want depending on the customers in your space. On Brivo, you can use different groups to manage different types of Passes, Resources (i.e meeting rooms) and offices that you have configured on your Nexudus Spaces account and link them later.

For detailed instructions on setting up your Brivo and Nexudus integration, please check out our detailed guide.

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