“For wayco, people are the most important part of our coworking space”

There has been an increase in the use of flexible coworking spaces across continents. In our previous article, 5 Things to consider before opening your first coworking space, where we briefly mentioned statistics published by DeskMag on the rapid growth of flexible coworking space. Spaces such as wayco, offer a lot more than an ordinary flexible coworking space, they offer historical, heterogeneous experiences for their users. 

After earning the title as the largest coworking meeting point of Valencia’ by 247valencia, on the 2nd of August, we met up with the innovative individuals behind wayco for a quick interview. 

Nacho Cambralla Balaguer: Managing Director

“wayco was found in 2015 and it was one of the first coworking place in the city.  Our aim is to empower professionals in the city, with their way of life and work.”

Berit Barck: Office Manager

“wayco is the pioneer coworking space in Valencia and we encourage taking down the frontiers no matter where you are from or your nationality. We encourage people to mingle with each other. We design the coworking space for different cultures working together under one roof in the same place. We want our coworkers to feel like they are working from home, but in a professional setting.” 


Jose Costa: Architect

“This is a very special place, you can feel it in the walls and the bricks, they are the soul of the place so we try to keep all of them. Each room has the charm of an unseen place, mixed with the last of technology and careful design. Also, It is comfortable for working, in terms of atmosphere, temperature and natural light, in addition to that, the rooms are also very flexible, even the main spaces can be transformed in very few minutes, just by lifting the huge tables. 

 For wayco, the people are the most important part of our coworking space and our committee is very unique because we have many different cultures working in the same areas and we have about 17 nationalities, so for us, it is really important and very nice to see how different nationalities work together.” 

So if you happen to be in the city of Valencia, and you are looking to network in a flexible coworking space, perhaps you would like to learn something new, or maybe meet different nationalities and professionals in the heart of Ciuitat Vella, at a historical breathtaking building  dating back to the 18th century and not too far from the famous River Turia gardens, wayco is your lucky spot.

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