• 101 guide on GDPR for coworking spaces (II)

    101 guide on GDPR for coworking spaces (II)

    Good news, the wait is over! Here is the second part of our GDPR guide for coworking spaces. In this part we will start exploring the steps coworking spaces need to take to comply with the GDPR.

  • 101 guide on GDPR for coworking spaces (I)

    101 guide on GDPR for coworking spaces (I)

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a major European data protection law has been running for two months now, but we still get regular queries about it. We teamed up with Leco (legalcoworking) to create another one of our 101 guides to help you understand how the GDPR applies to your coworking space.

  • Surviving as a Coworking Startup

    Surviving as a Coworking Startup

    There are two key requirements for establishing a successful coworking business: One is finding a robust, flexible system to manage the space. The other, essential to help you grow quickly and effectively, is support and guidance from people who have been there and done it.

  • Make your members life easier! A new portal to your community.

    Make your members life easier! A new portal to your community.

    In this entry, we introduce the new version of our member portal, its new set of features and how it can help you and your community of members. The new portal is the result of a lot of the feedback we have received from all of you over the last two years and we think it is a great improvement over the previous version.

  • CUASIA 2017 / What to expect from Chiang Mai this week?

    CUASIA 2017 / What to expect from Chiang Mai this week?

    Chiang Mai (Thailand) is to host the third [Coworking Unconference ASIA](http://www.cuasia.co/ "") this week. Members of the coworking community from more than 30 countries will participate in the event, which has become a must for anyone who wants all the latest on the coworking movement. This year's core theme is "Creative Convergence: Exploring the intersection of work."

  • NexBoard is here! Booking a meeting room has never been easier!

    NexBoard is here! Booking a meeting room has never been easier!

    Booking a meeting room is one of the most common processes in a coworking space and one of the main features available on our Nexudus coworking software. We've always tried to include features that make booking easier, such as being able to add products to bookings or inviting visitors, for example. Since we launched Passport by Nexudus, members are also able to book meeting rooms via their Android and iOS smartphones. This week, we are very happy to announce a step forward in making it even easier for you and your members to book meeting rooms in your coworking space. Say hello to NexBoard!

  • The art of checking members in (and out!)

    The art of checking members in (and out!)

    In this post we explore the world of knowing who is in and out of your space, the different techniques you can use to make this process easier as well as how you can use the data to make the most of the available space and help your community of members connect with each other.

  • "I believe the coworking movement is about accepting direct responsibility for the growth of all members in our coworking space and community" Interview with N.Orea

    Nataniel Orea: I'm a digital nomad, business owner and a hardened idealist. I studied business development and over my 28 years I have been almost everything: a labourer, waiter, personal assistant and, last but not least, an entrepreneur (that last one is my favourite). At the moment, I am working on the Mexican coworking association and planning on growing our NEST coworking spaces, together with my two partners.

  • "I can see wayCO helping companies transform their formal structures" Nacho Cambralla (wayCO)

    Nacho Cambralla has worked in several areas of a company, such as IT, Marketing and Human Resources. In 2012, he started a new project to give companies and entrepreneurs advice to help them progress and make their management models more innovative. His professional profile spans many areas and he has vast knowledge of how organisations operate.

  • "Coworking is sharing the way you see the world" Interview with Matías Vázquez

    Matias Sebastián Vázquez is half Brazilian, half Argentinian, and loves football and his Corinthians. He's married with two children and defines himself as a frustrated media consultant and a connector. He founded MSV Assessoria, [Sharing E.C.](http://sharingec.com.br/ "Sharing EC"), Coworking na Garagem, Coworking Day Brasil, [COLATAM](http://colatam.com/ "COLATAM"), and is currently in the process of opening a second space in a 10-storey building that will accommodate 1,100 coworkers.

  • Your coworking community goes mobile

    Your coworking community goes mobile

    We've already talked about the [tools](http://coworking.nexudus.com/en/blog/read/59966917/how-to-manage-communication-in-your-coworking-space-using-nexudus-spaces "Communication Tools Nexudus ") that you have available on your Nexudus Spaces account that improve communication with your coworking community. We're really pleased to announce a great new update on Nexudus Spaces, which will not only aid communication between members, it will also help with day-to-day processes. We're talking about Passport by Nexudus, a mobile app that is already available on [iOS](https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/id1100057771?businessId=196374178 "Passport by Nexudus") and [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexudusspaces&businessId=196374178 "Passport by Nexudus").

  • 101 legal guide for coworking spaces (II)

    101 legal guide for coworking spaces (II)

    Coworking spaces offer space, furniture and resources so that coworkers can work, but also include Internet access, electricity, cleaning, heating or air conditioning and other running costs. They also organise professional meetups, courses, breakfast get-togethers or talks that promote synergies and the growth of the professionals that work there. To this end, a coworking space is much more than renting a desk or rendering a service. That's why it is difficult to regulate coworking because it encompasses several types of business activity that do not have their own regulation.